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March 17, 2006 by WishX
The person who was to become St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born in Wales about AD 385. His given name was Maewyn, and he almost didn’t get the job of bishop of Ireland because he lacked the required scholarship.

Far from being a saint, until he was 16, he considered himself a pagan. At that age, he was sold into slavery by a group of Irish marauders that raided his village. During his captivity, he became closer to God.

He escaped from slavery after six years and went to Ga...
January 30, 2006 by WishX
This week on the show Kristin, Derek and Brad discuss Google becoming part of the Great Firewall of China by caving to the Chinese government's censorship demands, E3 bans scantily-clad booth babes, the legalities (and ethical issues) of selling pre-loaded iPods/video iPods on eBay for massive profits, and guess what country spams the most? U.S.A! U.S.A!

Brad goes into great detail about Microsoft "Sparkle" and how it's certainly not a "Macromedia Flash killer" as well as a good roundtable di...
January 2, 2006 by WishX
A few folks at the office said I should take this Political Test, so I did. Below are the results:

You are a
Social Liberal
(78% permissive)

and an...
Economic Liberal
(21% permissive)

You are best described as a:


December 19, 2005 by WishX
This week the gang at PowerUser.tv discuss a biomedical breakthrough that allows doctors to print human organs, more privacy and anonymity slipping away on the Net thanks to the US Senate and chipmakers, Alexa puts its server farms up for rent, Wikipedia on par with Encyclopedia Britannica, Vista theme capers, XBox 360 Kong game problems and 360's file system cracked, StarForce copy protection and Tom Chick's Game Pick of the Week.

Tune in for a very special announcement about how you can cal...
November 10, 2005 by WishX
Due to an unexpected fiber cut near one of our data centers, several Stardock-related websites (such as WinCustomize downloads) and services (i.e. Stardock Central) may be temporarily unreachable. We are working to get things moved and rerouted to minimize downtime. We do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience while we get things rerouted.
October 25, 2005 by WishX
This week Kristin and the gang (this week with Paul Boyer) at PowerUser.tv follow up on the Jack Thompson debacle and Penny Arcade picking up Jack's slack. Also, the new Windows Vista build is looked at, HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray and a $25,126 USD G5 PowerMac. Also of note, Firefox hits 100 million downloads and we give you a brief teaser about the new Neowin 5 site to be unveiled soon. This episode is chock full of techy goodness and a few surprises. Don't miss this episode!

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September 14, 2005 by WishX
Another day, another blog. I'm now an Average Joe as well. Huzzah!